Dr. April Day: Nurturing Health from Within

Dr. April Day’s experience in holistic health is marked by her own personal growth and a strong desire to help others in finding their own way to a healthy life.
With a doctorate from Bastyr University, San Diego, and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Belmont University in Nashville, Dr. Day’s diverse background serves as the foundation for her unique approach to naturopathic medicine.
Dr. April Day Headshot

Early Years

The early years of Dr. Day’s career were dedicated to social services and the nonprofit sector, where her commitment to community well-being developed. However, it was her own health struggles that redirected her path. Dealing with adult acne and persistent digestive issues, she explored different conventional treatments to no avail. This journey of frustration led her to try naturopathic medicine, which transformed her health from the inside out. Months of using naturopathic remedies not only resolved her digestive complaints but also resulted to a remarkable healing of her acne. This life-changing experience started her passion to help others heal holistically.

Path to Naturopathic Medicine

With advanced training in treating small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and ongoing education through the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Day’s commitment to learning ensures her patients receive the best care possible. Her expertise in functional lab analysis and thyroid assessment further enhances her diagnostic abilities. Seeking knowledge internationally, she studied the benefits of hydrotherapy during her time in Germany, expanding her knowledge of different healing techniques.

Dr. Day’s expertise shines through her personalized approach to health and wellness. Her focus on targeting underlying causes of imbalance is especially evident in her work with autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, skin ailments, and healthy aging. Each patient is met with a tailor-made treatment plan, reflecting her dedication to holistic wellness.

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After Clinic Hours

Beyond her professional efforts, Dr. Day embraces an active lifestyle that includes working out and basking in the outdoors. Her irresistible penchant for petting every dog she encounters on her walks showcases her compassionate nature.

A courageous advocate of the naturopathic community, Dr. April Day contributes her expertise to the Professional Development Committee of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA). Her commitment to both her patients and the advancement of naturopathic medicine is resolute.

In the heart of Dr. April Day’s journey lies a narrative of self-discovery, resilience, and the unshakable belief in the body’s innate capacity to heal. Her story resonates deeply with those seeking a holistic approach to wellness, inspiring each individual to embark on their own transformative journey toward vibrant health.